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What is Speciality Coffee?


Speciality Coffee is the best grade of coffee available to buy. Its premium quality is a result of good farming practices in ideal climates and environments, to produce a full cup flavour with little to no defects.

Speciality grade green coffee beans are mature beans, usually grown at higher altitude, that has been selectively hand picked. Like our Single Estate or Single Origin coffees, the coffee is traceable and carefully processed at every step.

Green coffee beans are graded visually for size and defects, and through cupping (the coffee industry’s standardised coffee tasting practice). Specialist coffee tasters (called 'Q Graders) score the coffee on roast, aroma, defects, clean cup, sweetness, acidity, mouth feel, flavour, after taste and balance to give and overall score.

Coffee is graded on a 100 point scale. Coffee scoring greater than 80 points is deemed ‘Speciality Coffee’. A score of 80-84.99 is ‘very good’, 85-89.99 is ‘excellent’ and 90+ is ‘oustanding’.

Speciality coffee accounts for only 6% of the coffee produced worldwide.

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