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Whole Bean, Fine or Medium Grind?

Which one should I buy to make the best cup of coffee?

All our coffees are sold as either Whole Bean, Fine Grind or Filter Grind. But which one is the right for you? It mostly depends what you use to make your coffee.

Whole Bean

Coffee starts to lose its freshness immediately after roasting as the beans are exposed to air. Over time the quality of ground coffee, with a higher proportion of surface area, will deteriorate quicker than that of whole beans. Therefore, for the connoisseur, grinding your own beans immediately before brewing will produce a superior cup.

Another benefit of grinding your own beans is that you can choose exactly how fine or coarse you grind it for your brewing method.

Fine Grind (Espresso)

Our Espresso Grind is a fine grind suitable for Espresso Machines, Moka Pots and Aeropress. A finer grind means that a larger surface area comes in contact with water, allowing more coffee (and caffeine) to be extracted during the brewing time.

Medium Grind (Filter)

Our Medium Grind is what we sell in most of our outlets. It is a filter grind suitable for use in cafetieres, pour-over brewers and filter coffee machines.

With less surface area in contact with water in comparison to our fine grind, you will need a longer brewing time to extract the full flavour from the coffee.

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